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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do we count the Christmas Eve service in the weekly attendance line?


How do I access the statistical report information/resources?

Go to Once you are on the landing page of the Statistical Reports look on the right side bar; this is called an "index of resources". Click on the topic you wish to learn about.

How do I log in?

There is a new web address for the GCFA Statistical Reporting website.

Login into:

The GCFA website will be open for review on/before December 16th

Every church will have two (2) usernames. The first one ending in the letter ‘p’ for ‘primary/pastor’ and the second ending in the letter ‘o’ for ‘other’.

USERNAME:  3810****p

USERNAME:  3810****o

PASSWORD:  stats2012

(The **** is to be replaced with the last four digits of your church's alignment number #, i.e., 1234)

How do I access the statistical report tables?

Once you are logged into the GCFA website you will be taken to the main menu screen. Click on "Add/Edit Tables". Each table can be accessed from this screen or from the other tables. Please check your church information before beginning the report.

How do I get a blank copy of the table to use as a worksheet?

Go to "reports" option from the main menu and click on "blank church input form". After this page loads, select the tables that you will want to print. Click on "run report".

Can I see the numbers submitted last year?

Yes, the information the church entered for "2012" will be in the column marked "2012" and the "2013" column is where you will enter the new information. That column will have zeros, until you change the zero by inputting the correct number for 2013

What if I do not understand what is being asked?

If you "click on" the question mark in the far right column, or hold the cursor over the actual question a definition and explanation will appear.

How do I save the information inputted?

There is a "save" button found at the top and the bottom of each page. You MUST click on that button to save the information. Once the information is saved, you may return to that table to change or add to the information already inputted.

There was a screen that said my information was not saved. What happened?

When you click "save" the system will perform validations BWC set up. If there was an "error", the information will not be saved until the error is corrected. For example: the total male members plus the total female members must equal the total professing members at the close of this year. If those errors (and there is a box that will tell you where the errors are) are not corrected your information will not be saved.

I see the word "warnings" in the message box. What does that mean?

You will see a "warning" if there is a major increase or decrease in the figure submitted this year compared to last year. Pay attention to these warnings and recheck your figures to make sure you did not add an extra number or neglect to input all of the numbers.

Does the system allow for decimal points?

NO. Do not use decimal points, dollar signs, or percentage symbols. Only enter whole numbers, rounding as needed.

How do I submit the report?

You will need to submit each table separately. (Double check your figures prior to submission, because once the report is submitted you will not be able to make changes. (You will need to notify your regional administrator.) To submit, go to the main menu and click on "submit stats process" This will take you to the page that allows you to submit your report.

How do I print a copy of the statistical report?

When you are on the "add/edit tables" screen, you can click "print" and your tables will be printed. Alternatively, go to "reports" click on "church stat reports". Select the tables you wish to print then click on "run report". All printing of blank and final reports is done in Adobe Acrobat.

When are the statistical reports due?

All reports are to be completed by January 24, 2014 - 12 p.m.

Why is the deadline before the end of January?

It is very important for the conference Council on Finance and Administration to have accurate apportionment figures as the budget planning for 2015 begins. The work by CFA begins in late January so the budget can be completed by February for publication in the pre-conference booklet. The budget will be voted on at the 2014 Annual Conference.